WWI era wristwatch: I bought this watch several years ago from a watch collector.  I have more watches than I need so will try to sell a couple.  I have worn this one occasionally and it has never stopped and seems to keep accurate time.  He told me it was WWI period.   I see no maker name on this watch other than the word CHRONOMETRE which is on the dial.  On the movement I see an M and the Fast/Slow adjustment markings.  The back is hinged and opens with the fingernail to reveal the movement.  As I understand it there were few wristwatches prior to WWI as they were viewed as feminine.  When men started to wear them a lot were converted from pocketwatches by adding the loops for the band.  Since this has the hinged back which can't be opened when on the wrist it may have started as a pocketwatch.  This watch has a 12 hour and a 24 hour dial.  The dial appears to be porcelain and has a recessed second hand.  The numerals are showing wear at the very bottom of the dial. I can see some 'rust' (?) on the hands.  The band is newer and was handmade in England and is of genuine leather.   The diameter of the outside of the watch, not including the loops or the crown is about 1 3/8".                                                                            $225.00                                                                                                                 
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