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I will accept a Money Order or PayPal.  These methods will get prompt shipping results.  I will also accept checks but I will not ship until the funds have cleared the banks.

I do not make money on shipping; I charge you what it costs me.  The mailing charge for the item will be computed from my zip code to your zip code and will vary depending on how much the package weighs. I mail to a USA address only and use primarily Priority Mail.  On some small iterms I may use First Class with delivery confirmation but, even that gets close to Priority Mail rates.  I recommend you purchase the insurance offered by the Post Office to cover your item in case it is lost or damaged while in transit.  If something happens to your item after it has been mailed and you didn't insure it; it is your loss. 

Return policy...
I will accept a return if I made a mistake in the description or it is not as I advertised it to be or if there is a problem with the item that I did not see or know about when it was listed.  A damaged upon receipt item will not be cause for return; you must file a claim with the Post office.  Buyer's remorse or changing your mind or saying: "It is not what I thought it would be" does not warrant a return; do your homework and be sure before you purchase.  If a return for refund is necessary you must let me know within 3 days of your receipt of the item and then I must have it back in my hands 7 days after you notify me you are returning it.  The refund will be only for the price you paid and will not include shipping fees.  I will refund your payment using the same method you used.

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